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Who said you can't buy happiness?

IMAGINE what your life would look like if you could choose your emotions. ThroughConversation™ Personal Retreat will allow you to do exactly that. By teaching you how to create and maintain a healthy emotional state, it will give you the opportunity to start living with more purpose and direction in every aspect of your life. During your ThroughConversation personal retreat, you will spend 5 days working one-on-one with Jean-Paul Gravel, the founder of ThroughConversation and the author of this unique method. You will experience the work that will forever change the way you interact with the world around you. You will let go of many self-limiting beliefs that cause emotional stress. You will emerge from your journey with your spirit uplifted, with a better understanding of yourself and the ability to create a reality of your own conscious choosing. The retreats are perfect for creating unforgettable experiences in the destinations of your choice. We have preselected venues for you to choose from, and ultimately the world is your oyster. We can meet you anywhere on earth. Our international clientele is comprised of those who recognize quality, seek a one-on-one personal approach, and are willing to invest in a program that leads to outstanding, lasting results. Most of our clients manage their own or family business, are executives, seasoned professionals, or family members of said individuals. They achieved financial success, yet desire more peace of mind, happiness, and freedom in their lives. They understand the value of their emotional health and are determined to reach their goals. For these discerning individuals, ThroughConversation remains the top choice.  

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