Emotional Freedom

Our Emotional Freedom retreat helps you dissolve unproductive thoughts and feelings. You will find yourself feeling more loving, powerful, and free.

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Dissolve unwanted thought patterns and emotions

Become happier, more productive, and free…

The Emotional Freedom™ personal retreat helps identify and dissolve the causes of emotional distress. Our programs simultaneously alleviate a number of problems, such as depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, stress, and lack of self-confidence. Unhealthy emotions show up as unwanted thoughts and feelings that arise during the day or night. They have a very negative impact on your life and on the relationships you are in. These unpleasant thoughts and feelings are a result of unconscious limiting beliefs and self-imposed constraints. These limiting beliefs cause you to unknowingly repeat the same negative behaviors over and over. With proper guidance, many of these limitations can be overcome very quickly. This customized retreat is built around your personal traits and tailored to your needs. You will notice beautiful shifts happening from the moment you have your first session. Improving your emotional health will do more then make you a happier person; it will improve your physical health and allow you to build loving relationships with the people around you. Go to destinations >>>

Performance training

No matter how great your life is right now, there are aspects about yourself that get in your way. We show you how to out-do yourself and become a better version of yourself.

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  We'll help you get out of your own way

No matter how great your life is right now, you know there are aspects of your personality that get in the way of your success…

To break new ground, you need the opportunity to identify those self-imposed barriers, and thoroughly dissolve them. You are a complete package, with your character traits, goals, fears, and aspirations. Building on the beliefs that support the healthiest aspects of your personality while eliminating the ones that weaken you will allow you to become a better version of yourself. With the ThroughConversation method, you will learn how to out-do yourself and become the person you wish to be. You will find yourself becoming more powerful, loving, compassionate, and free. You will improve your quality of life, increase your performance in areas that really matter to you, and create the relationships you have always wanted. Go to destinations >>>

Couple’s retreats

Each person finds their own truth, grows their own heart, and becomes more receptive to their partner’s love. Your closeness will really be coming from your own loving space.

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Love, connection, understanding

We are conditioned to want to love and be loved. Yet, sometimes we forget…

Nobody enters a relationship thinking they want to suffer or make their partner unhappy. And while we are trying our best to make it work, relationship problems may arise because our limiting beliefs are causing emotional stress, conflicts, and misunderstandings. Since we are unaware of the unhealthy beliefs that are running the show, it is not really possible to significantly and permanently improve a dysfunctional relationship if certain beliefs don’t change. Even if we work on different aspects of a relationship, such as communication, listening, lifestyles, sharing, etc., such approaches only address the consequences rather than the cause of the problem. Therefore, any such solutions will only be temporary. The problems will reemerge in the same or in a new form. ThroughConversation will help you identify the beliefs that have lead to a troubled relationship. We will help you gently shift those beliefs and recreate an unhealthy relationship into a healthy one. You will learn to see each other differently, hear each other fully, and accept each other with more ease. You will finally have access to experiencing love and connection in a way you did not even think was possible. Go to destinations >>>

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