Our clients love the results they get

Our clients are accomplished individuals from all walks for life. They achieved financial success and desire more happiness, freedom and peace of mind in their lives.

Jean-Paul’s teachings are brilliant… And I can say that, because as a yoga practitioner for almost 20 years and a yoga teacher for the last 15 years, just a seeker of teachings and meditation, travelling to be with different teachers, truly after all these years this was the most profound experience I’ve had.

Jodi, Yoga Teacher, USA

ThroughConversation is a very unique program, and I can’t even explain to you how unique it is until you actually go through it yourself. Because you come out on the other end as a different person. And that different person is much more enthusiastic and excited about life. And I don’t know how it happens but it does. It works. I am excited. I feel good.

There has been a significant change in me. I am happier. I am enjoying life. And I am building great relationships and friendships. What more can I ask for?

Jon, Retired CEO, Canada

The insight Jean-Paul had into how I was living my life was unbelievable. It was incredible how perceptive he was in a very short amount of time. ThroughConversation pinpointed the exact biggest road block in my life right now and taught me how to fix it. I create my own reality, I am aware of that, but you made me acutely aware of exactly what I am creating and how to change it for the better. To create my BEST life. Many thanks for all you have done for me, and again, it is so amazing you can help me change my life and patterns in such a short period of time. Thank you!

Bruce, Hotel Owner, Mexico

Jean-Paul has shared some wisdom with me and it has seriously changed my entire perspective on life. The impact on me personally has been surreal – the way I’ve been interacting with other people, my listening has improved… all the angst, all that sadness, worrying about my place in the grand scheme of things…gone.

I no longer blame Seattle or the people who live here for my problems. Sounds crazy, but its not about platitudes or anything like that, just your own decisions and what you ultimately want to take responsibility for. There’s no catch, no religion, no abstract philosophy, just being more fulfilled through being a better person to others.

Phillip, IT Consultant, USA

[ThroughConversation] is really a miracle! It just works! I don’t know why and how; if you do the work, if you are committed to yourself – it will work!

Cindy, Chartered Accountant, Canada

We were outside of an Italian bistro on Capitol Hill, and I started to answer your question. After a while you kindly and politely stopped me and told me not to talk this way as it was traumatizing me all over again. I asked you how I could have answered your question without saying the upsetting things and you quickly told me. The interaction stuck with me.

Not the content of your words but the quality of how you were in those few minutes. What was this quality? It was the state of lovingness. When you were upset, you didn’t pretend that you were not upset or say that “it’s ok”, which would have been dishonest. You didn’t raise your voice or express negative emotion. No judgment. No negative words or actions. Only a calm, clear, gentle response to me. That made a huge shift in my life. Thank you, Jean-Paul. Hugs.

Sussan, Business Owner, USA

I was able to get rid of a number of issues that troubled me for years. Insomnia, headaches, and an ongoing allergy. It was amazing!

Jennifer, Business Consultant, Canada

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